ALBUM REVIEW – Music For Writers “AKU”

lovecraftcd001_frontcoverSometimes when I am writing, I need the right piece of music to accompany my process. Usually, that comes in that genesis phase when I’m hammering out beats and scenes.

One of my favorite pieces of music is AKU’s bizarre recording, Toward A Flat Horizon. In 1993 the obscure electronic outfit (about whom very little is actually written) from New York City band crafted a four track piece album and limited the pressing to three hundred copies. Heavy on psychedelic drone, a smattering of raw industrial accents and a few manic accelerations in tempo, their album has become a perfect accompaniment for exploring those dark places. There are no vocals, key for me when I’m trying to craft words. Currently, I’m working on a spec, HP Lovecraft screenplay biopic and this album has been on heavy rotation as I submerge deeper into those dark, mythos heavy universes.

You can download AKU’s Toward A Flat Horizon (as well as their other recordings) here at the always free and legal Archive.

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