“Ghost Town” Accepted In North Coast Squid

Old Fishing Boat Water Logged“Comes from a place of heartbreak”

The phrase is so simple that I bristle confessing that it applies beautifully to “Ghost Town” a poem I penned over this summer. After numerous re-writes, fresh hand scrawled drafts and vain attempts at complication, I cannot say that it ever transcended that place.

Last week, I was pleased to receive word that “Ghost Town” was accepted in The North Coast Squid a poetry/literature journal published out of the Manzanita Writer’s Series. The fit was ideal for a poem dealing heavily with a dead-eyed coastal town, heartbreak told through the fleeting moments of imagination, sourced in boarded up windows and chained amusement.

When I look at “Ghost Town” now, it feels like it should, a lovely, sadly authentic work that didn’t need those complications.

The Manzanita Writer’s Series commences in a spring, 2015 reading for published poets, so expect to see me there.

Also, for future reference, I have to consider “Ghost Town” for inclusion in an upcoming poetry volume. Stay tuned on that project.

To read issues of North Coast Squid check out the editors blog, or to see what’s happening at the Oregon Council for the Arts, check out their site here.