Music For Writers: Martes + Utopia

Music For Writers, "Martes + Utopia"There is sophistication to the unique brand of electronic music pioneered by Murcof, a Spanish artist. At a relatively young forty-six years old, his discography is vast, spanning most of the last two decades, ranging everywhere from prog rock to neo-classical.

Pertinent to writers are two of his early albums, Martes + Utopiain which Murcof explores an earth toned minimalism. The beats are crisp and clean, pitter pats like tin roof rain rather than thunder. The production is clean, often no more than a few ticks and static. Adding a sense of melody, Murcof sprinkles in assorted other instruments as compliment, piano flourishes, resounding cellos and a few strident keys as accents. On a linguistic note, all of the tracks on Martes are titled with M words, on Utopia they’re titled with words beginning in U.

Undeniably spacey, Murcof also manages to convey an organic sensibility in all of his songs. Sometimes I need the music that I’m writing with to feature a progressive tempo and everything contained on these two albums crackles at a brisk clip. These songs, evocative of wide open, desert spaces, straddle that rare space between active and contemplative.

Another appealing aspect to Martes + Utopia is how long the two albums run back to back. Put them on at the outset of your next marathon writing session and just… let go. Weighing in at a robust sixteen tracks, it’s almost an hour and forty minutes of conceptually stimulating music.

If you’d like to check out Martes + Utopia from The Leaf Label, here’s where you can get a copy.

For Bandcamp listeners, here is the link to both records.

Have you given this record a chance? Do you have a favorite album to listen to while writing? Leave me a comment and I’ll review it.