Music For Writers: John Carpenter II

john-carpenter-lost-themes-iiLast week, I reviewed John Carpenter’s ambient debut, Lost Themes. And it’s only natural that this week, I review his follow up album, Lost Themes II.

If the first volume of the Lost Themes series sets the tone for Carpenter, not just as a filmmaker, but as an artist of excess, the second volume solidifies that notion. This is Carpenter at his baroque finest, short bursts of ambient beauty laced with a bare chested sense of bravado. Bigger emotions and a wider swath of flourishes, as in “White Pulse” which is the most riveting track on either LP, or “Utopian Facade” which anchors in a pool of bliss that is a pinnacle in aspirational ambience. He twinkles bright keys and brings an air of beauty over rousing storm swells. Carpenter’s songs are not as iconic as, say, his theme to “Halloween” but they’re not intended to be. What they lack in minimalistic appeal, they make up for in a comfortable wash of sublimity.

Less than an album for writers while writing, Lost Themes II is more of an album about getting in the dramatic, creative mood. This is an album you put on as you wait for Microsoft Word to warm up, the one you slide on the CD player on your way home to your hour long novel sprint.

Here is a Bandcamp link to Lost Themes II.

Have you given this record a chance? Do you have a favorite album to listen to while writing? Leave me a comment and I’ll review it.