Oregon Humanities – Dear Stranger Project

Today I took and chance and participated in my first Oregon Humanities “Dear Stranger” project. Write a letter, sign your name and send it in. Then, within a month, you will receive a letter back from a complete stranger. The expectation is that you describe a “quandary” situation from your life.


The funniest fact is that I couldn’t think of one at first. That is, until a whole table of quandary contents came rolling back to my addled memory. When I finally sat down with a trusty, yellow Dixon Ticonderoga #2 in hand, the letter was easy. Whoever gets that letter is in for a treat.

As I lick the stamp and seal up the envelope (a loving, old feelings) I think, perhaps I will sit down and write a longer, more personal essay off the incident in that letter. I only managed to scratch my own surface. Maybe that was the point? Thank you, Oregon Humanities.