“The Dandelion Lesson” – A Poem By Erick Mertz


4dc4b63f924061f826aadc9af7cfce38Father’s first assigned chore.

Take the red lighter

from off his night stand.

Burn backyard dandelions gone to seed.

You will need to know how to perform this.

How to stop them

before they can spread.

At all costs, the fine art of killing the young.

Copyright 2015, Erick Mertz

About This Poem

Often people ask where a particular poem comes from. “The Dandelion Lesson” is an example of an instance when the answer is accurately described as, “the breeze”. Hard and simple, this short work encapsulates a large portion of my childhood. I’m at his knee, working in the backyard garden, keeping up as only small boys can with their fathers. I am desperate to please, learning all those difficult and intricate lessons at a time when you’re too young to understand…

I’m not too young anymore though.

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