“The Measurable Blood” – Working With ACX on Audiobook Production

ACX #2-2400x2400I’ve already written about the ins and outs of my production with my speculative fiction audiobook, The Measurable Blood. Now, I would like to describe what it’s like to work with ACX, the clearinghouse for material through Audible, iTunes and Amazon.

On the surface, ACX is incredibly convenient. Once they’ve “approved” your production, your audiobook goes out to retailers. The built in distribution aspect is quite a perk. ACX doesn’t help get physical CD copies, but looking at market factors around audio versions, a strong majority of audiobook sales come via these three outlets. The “approval” process is where ACX can get complicated. Unlike Amazon where you can publish tax returns with nary an encumbrance, ACX has a long list of standards, a few definitely worth detailing here.


ACX is particular about details, from technical recording levels, to whether your audiobook is comprised of real actors versus text to voice software.

They place a strong emphasis on quality, which in hindsight, I find assuring. If you’re going to put time and energy (and untold expenses) into production, it’s nice to know that your audiobook will find a home beside quality work.


The latter was the challenge for my project. The Measurable Blood was a short story, published in an anthology. In order to post my already produced audiobook through ACX, I had to convince my publisher to produce a standalone so I claim the rights to that. Otherwise, I was claiming audiobook rights to every single story in the anthology.

This wasn’t my objective.

If you have an anthologized piece, you have a few choices. You can either wait until rights revert back to you, publish a stand-alone and claim that, or negotiate audio rights with your publisher and ensure they publish a separate Amazon book.


ACX is a much longer process. By no means tedious, an indie audiobook producer should understand that their book, even if they hit the audio specs, still takes ten days to two weeks to hit the market. I blogged a few release dates, only to have to pull them back.

Delays are a bugger but they’re really in the interest of quality. During that cooling period, an ACX representative emailed me with a few questions. They actually listened to the book to be certain it fit their standards.

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