Well-Lighted Music Reviews

Interview With Mike Savino of Tall Tall Trees and the Kishi Bashi Orchestra.

Wonderful insights on what it means to be a post-modern banjo player. Correction. The only post-modern banjo player.

Troyka Album Review on Bearded

Wild post-rock/jazz experimentation from Troyka on their new album Ornithiphobia, a delightfully complex release in the mode of Mogwai and Medeski, Martin and Wood.

Ricked Wicky Album Review on Bearded

See what Bob Pollard’s new persona, Ricked Wickey and his album I Sell The Circus has to offer the ever expanding universe of soft rock renegades.

Three Album Reviews – January 9th

I love the new Sonny & The Sunsets album. Read here to find out just what turned me on.

Three Album Reviews – December 17th

Derby based post rockers, Alright The Captain invade my desk space, along with Cotillon and a Kishi Bashi protege, Tall Tall Trees that works wonders with the banjo.

Interview with Hamburg brother/sister duo, Hundreds

German duo, Hundreds bring the quiet. Find out about their new record Aftermath.

Interview with indie-rock stalwart, Doug Gillard

Recently, I had the chance to sit down and talk the ins and outs of an indie rock with one of the coolest veterans of the scene, Doug Gillard of Guided By Voices and Nada Surf fame.

Three Music Reviews – December 3rd

I love the German band, Faust. Apparently one of the intrepid librarians out here in Portland love them even more than I do.

Three Music Reviews – November 25th

The mercurial Kayo Dot’s new album reviewed and appreciated, among others.

Three Music Reviews – November 7th

My long overdue introduction to singer-songwriter Marianne Faithful and 11 Paranoias, one of the best crunching heavy/dark metal records of 2014, by a damn sight.

Mark Lanegan, live at Portland’s Crystal Ballroom

Out of the gloaming steps Mark Lanegan. Find out what the presence of inner dark feels like.

Three Music Reviews – October 27th

Three cool album re-issues on the platter this week, everything from 80’s British rock to atmospheric German ambient keyboards.

Mark Lanegan’s Phantom Radio on Bearded Magazine

October. Less light. Breeze through the tall grass. Perfect time for a new Mark Lanegan.

Three Music Reviews – October 13th

This week, I take a listen to Ty Segall’s new single, one of the most underrated records of 2014 from The Modern Vices and Cleveland’s second wave masters, The Pagans and their new spin.

Pissed Jeans, Shallow (Remastered) on Bearded Magazine

A curiously circuitous story about youthful indiscretion as a way of saying, eh. Pass on this one.

Lee Ranaldo & The Dust, Accoustic Dust review on Bearded Magazine

Love Lee Ranaldo, but this record won’t be getting repeat listens any time soon.

Interview with Matthew Caws of Nada Surf on Bearded Magazine, October 7th 2014

What does Matthew Caws have to say about meteoric MTV fame, the future of Nada Surf and their current B-Sides collection? Quite a lot.

(Spoiler: I didn’t ask him about the crazy, likely not true but too good to ignore, Gawker story).

Three Music Reviews – October 3rd

This week, Well-Lighted Etcetera took a big bite out of the newest installment of the Fela Kuti mega box sex, curated by Brian Eno, in addition to German post-rock dynamos, Tarwater and a split ambient release from no place other than Portugal.

Three Music Reviews — September 29th

This week Well-Lighted Etcetera takes a look at three recently released records: The Mattson 2’s sophomore effort Agar, the latest David Lynch original soundtrack, and Pink Frost’s EP, Traitors.